Alvarado based V&P’s roots can be traced back to 1997 when Victor began helping friends and family with small scale residential repairs. As demand increased by friendly referrals, Victor decided to switch from being an Auto CAD designer to starting his own company in the hands-on field of construction.V&P began servicing the Fort Worth area in 1999and mainly focused on small scale residential projects while gaining a reputation for quality service and reliability. Over the years V&P grew slowly and began to position itself to gain experience in commercial construction. In 2011 V&P entered into a joint venture with an established commercial contractor as a mentoring relationship, with V&P as majority partner due to its minority-owned business status. Efforts to gain support in bidding on larger commercial projects proved successful. VIP was able to transition into business successfully in2014 and was awarded two major Job Order Contracts with Tarrant County College District for the next three years valued at $6M. Plans to procure more commercial business are underway as VIP has been invited to bid on projects at DFW Airport, Lockheed Martin, Tarrant County, Dollar General, and various universitiesand cities in the surrounding area and bordering counties.